Wellcome Sanger Institute Genome Editing (WGE) is a website that provides tools to aid with genome editing of human and mouse genomes

Ensembl for Human
Ensembl for Mouse

The CRISPR Finder will show CRISPR sites (paired or single) in and around genes. You can ask the finder to score the pairs for potential off-target sites, and browse individual and paired CRISPR sites using the Genoverse genome browser tool. We also provide the ability to find CRISPRs in genomic sequence or by gRNA:

Find CRISPRs in our genome browser:
Find CRISPRs by gene using our table:
Find CRISPRs by 20bp gRNA:
Find CRISPRs in genomic sequence:
Find off-targets by sequence:

Gibson Designer

The Gibson Designer will find the oligos in either Human or Mouse genomes that can be used to create targeting vectors by Gibson assembly. The Gibson Designer matches the vector design with CRISPR sites appropriate for the creation of exon deletions.

If you use this site in your research, please cite:
WGE: A CRISPR database for genome engineering. Alex Hodgkins; Anna Farne; Sajith Perera; Tiago Grego; David J. Parry-Smith; William C. Skarnes; Vivek Iyer (Bioinformatics 2015) doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btv308

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