Crispr off-target report

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Crispr Pair Spacer Length
(-10 to 30 bp)
Min Spacer Length bp
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MAF threshold

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Crispr Colour Key:
Off-targets computed
Off-targets not computed
PAM site
Crispr Pair Colour Key:
Left and right off-targets computed
Left and right off-targets not computed
Haplotype Colour Key:
Not on this Haplotype
ChromHMM Colour Key:
State Description Colour
TssA Active TSS
TssFlnk Flanking TSS
TssFlnkU Flanking TSS Upstream
TssFlnkD Flanking TSS Downstream
Tx Strong transcription
TxWk Weak transcription
EnhG1 Genic enhancer1
EnhG2 Genic enhancer2
EnhA1 Active Enhancer 1
EnhA2 Active Enhancer 2
EnhWk Weak Enhancer
ZNF/Rpts ZNF genes & repeats
Het Heterochromatin
TssBiv Bivalent/Poised TSS
EnhBiv Bivalent Enhancer
ReprPC Repressed PolyComb
ReprPCWk Weak Repressed PolyComb
Quies Quiescent/Low
Off-Target Filters

Maximum number of off-targets with:
0 mismatch no max
1 mismatch no max
2 mismatch no max
3 mismatch no max
4 mismatch no max
Haplotype Filters
Allele Fraction
Quality Filter
Phasing Inconsistent
Homopolymer Unphased Insertion
Rescued Molecule High Diversity